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Here are some resources provided by the council of the UTMAS that may interest you, feel free to look through the 5 subdivisions and enjoy.

UTM Anthropology Department
UTM Library Page
UTM Anthropology Programs – Subject POSTs
UTM Anthropology Courses

Ancient Gardening in South Carolina
Ethnobotany and Paleoethnobotany
Archaeobotanical Reports from Central Asia
Prehistoric Observatories
Sundail, Calendar and Khmer Temples
NAGPRA Online Database
Society of Antiquaries Library Catalogue

Biological Anthropology
Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology
Forensic Anthropology Resource Page
Human and primate online osteology
American Association of Physical Anthropology
Upper & Lower Extremity Muscle Atlas
Paleo-Osteo Resource Guide
Practice Quizzes for Biological Anthropology

Linguistic Anthropology
Anthropological Linguistics Journal
General Resources for Linguistics

Sociocultural Anthropology
American Anthropological Association

Graduate School Information
Dr. Muehlebach’s Presentation – Examples and transferable skills
Dr. Smith’s Presentation – Archaeology and CRM
Dr. Parra’s Presentation – Tips and Biological Anthropology process
Graduate School Information Session Notes

Forensic Society
Forensic Society Website
Forensic Society Facebook


Field Schools
UTM Field Schools
UTM Field School Application
UTMAS Field School Brochure
ANT306H5 – Forensic Anthropology Field School Presentation  

ANT318H5 – Archaeological Fieldwork – Field School Presentation     
ANT418H5 – Advanced Archaeological Fieldwork – Field School Presentation

Field Schools Abroad 
Irish Archaeology Field School
Slavia Field School in Mortuary Archaeology, Drawsko, Poland

Irish Field School of Prehistoric Archaeology
Gadachrili Gora Regional Archaeological Project Excavations (GRAPE)


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