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Office Hours

If you need help in a specific area, find the anthropologist in our society suited towards your interests!

Joy Chen: forensic anthropology, biology, and biomedical communications (specialist, minors, 5th year)

Kristen Castell: biological anthropology (specialist, 3rd year)

Caroline Wojdyło: biological anthropology, biology for health sciences (major, 4th year)

Katrina Khan: biology, psychology, anthropology (major, minor, 5th year)

Ann Wanjiru: biology, arts anthropology, sociology (major, minors, 5th year)

Rebecca Tunney: science anthropology and sociocultural anthropology (majors, 4th year)

Sydnee Pearce: first year anthropology (minor, 1st year)

Artist Drejaj: science anthropology and history (majors, 2nd year)

Meaghan Campbell: forensic anthropology (specialist, 4th year)

Office: Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Complex: Room 378

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 11.40.34 AM


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