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Executive Council 2015-2016

Tracey Wilson


Once upon a time there was a girl who lived far, far away. One day she moved to the city and the world of possibilities opened before her. She found herself interested in many things. Finally after many years of studying horticulture and landscape design, she found herself at UTM studying Anthropology. Currently I am in my final year, intending to finish with a Bachelor of Science, Specializing in Biological Anthropology, Majoring in Psychology and Minoring in Biology. I have many ideas of the future but I will see where the world takes me. The world is my playground, I only need to decide where to begin.


Vice President
Joy Chen

tempphotoMy name is Joy and I am the Vice President this year. I am a third year student specializing in forensic anthropology with minors in biology and biomedical communications. I hail from the land of mountains in the west and consequently, love hiking, camping, travelling, and fiddling with my camera. If you have hiking trail recommendations, please let me know. I am always up for an adventure!




Senior Advisor

Marissa Burliuk

My name isrt Marissa Burliuk and I am this year’s Senior Advisor and I am so looking forward to helping make this year a success. I am in my third year at UTM and am specializing in anthropology with a minor in biology. I enjoy horseback riding, running and watching Netflix. I am very excited to see what the year holds for UTMAS!





Secretary and Treasurer
Tooba Shakeel


Hey Everyone! I’m super excited to be the Secretary/Treasurer for the 2015-2016 academic year! I am currently in my 4th year completing a double major in Biology and Biological Anthropology. Although I’m in Biological Anthropology, I also love learning about different cultures. I love reading, watching tv shows/ movies, and rollercoasters. Also, I’ve always wanted to go hang gliding and paragliding so if anyone knows a good place, let me know! Feel free to drop by my office hours anytime if you have any questions.



Events Coordinator
Anna Julia

Hi! I’12080327_1638429133064706_7482304497175442833_om Anna Julia, 4th year archaeology and history major at UofT. I am considered to be the good looking girl version of Ross Geller because I work at the ROM in the dinosaur exhibit. I am looking forward to a fun and exciting last year here at UTM, and can not wait to see what the year has to bring!



Communications Officer
Synthia Satkunarajah


My name is Synthia Satkunarajah and I will be one of the Communications Officers at the UTM Anthropology Society. I am currently in my fourth year and I am pursuing a major in Biological Anthropology and a specialist in Psychology (Behaviour, Genetics & Neurobiology stream). In my spare time, I like listening to music, hiking, drawing & photography. I am looking forward to meeting all kinds of new people this year!


1st Year Representative
Kristen Castell


Hi I’m Kristen and I have loved Anthropology longer than I knew there was a word for it. In grade 9 I could tell you I had three passions that I couldn’t learn enough about: 1. space and the solar system 2. geography and 3. the history of humans. Once I found ‘Anthropology’ and how it’s basically everything I could have wished for and more, I knew it was for me! And I am the First Year Anthro Rep.




2nd Year Representative
Roxanne Chui


Hi I’m Roxanne and I am in my third year specializing in forensic anthropology. I’m the second year representative for UTMAS (yes, a second year rep who’s a third year student). I am 12,541 km from home and I love eating ice creams in cold weather. As an amateur geek, I game and watch shows. I get inspired by stories told by people so if you ever want to borrow an ear, you know who to find.




3rd/4th Year Representative
Charan Sandhu


My name is Charan Sandhu and I will be the 3rd/4th year representative for UTMAS this academic year. I am a 3rd year Forensic anthropology specialist and psychology minor. In my free time I write novels, look up cute puppy pictures and watch horror movies with my friends.




2015-2016 Executive Council


2015-2016 Executive Council at the UTMAS Defining Anthropology Conference

From left to right: Tracey Wilson (President), Charan Sandhu (3rd/4th Year Representative), Roxanne Chui (2nd Year Representative), Anna Julia (Event Coordinator), Tooba Shakeel (Secretary/Treasurer), Synthia Satkunarajah (Communications Coordinator), Joy Chen (Communications Coordinator/Vice President), Marissa Burliuk (Senior Advisor)
Missing: Kristen Castell (1st Year Representative)

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