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Executive Council 2016-2017

Charan Sandhu


Specializing in Anthropology (Science); Minoring in Forensic Science

My name is Charan Sandhu and I am the President for UTMAS this academic year. I am a 4th year anthropology specialist and forensic minor. In my free time I write novels, look up cute puppy pictures and watch horror movies with my friends.

Joy Chen

tempphotoVice President

Specializing in Forensic Anthropology Specialist; Minoring in Biology; Minoring in Biomedical Communications

My name is Joy and I am the Vice President this year. I am a fourth year student specializing in forensic anthropology with minors in biology and biomedical communications. I hail from the land of mountains in the west and consequently, love hiking, camping, travelling, and fiddling with my camera. If you have hiking trail recommendations, please let me know. I am always up for an adventure!

Marissa Burliuk

rtSenior Advisor

Specializing in Anthropology (Science); Minoring in Biology

My name is Marissa Burliuk and I am this year’s Senior Advisor and I am so looking forward to helping make this year a success. I am in my fourth year at UTM and am specializing in anthropology with a minor in biology. I enjoy horseback riding, running and watching Netflix. I am very excited to see what the year holds for UTMAS!


Kristen Castell

12077236_10204870490303376_1507389758_nSecretary and Treasurer

Specializing in Anthropology (Science)

Hi I’m Kristen and I have loved Anthropology longer than I knew there was a word for it. In grade 9 I could tell you I had three passions that I couldn’t learn enough about: 1. space and the solar system 2. geography and 3. the history of humans. Once I found ‘Anthropology’ and how it’s basically everything I could have wished for and more, I knew it was for me!



Hana Salahuddin

13695694_10154386724799185_1777593740_n.jpgEvents Coordinator

Specializing in Anthropology (Science)

My name is Hana Salahuddin and I’m doing a specialist in Anthropology. Over the years I’ve been seeking out more information and opportunities in my program through our Anthropology society. Now in my fourth year I hope to help other students get all the information they need, by fulfilling my role as the event coordinator

Isidora Ibrahimpasic

14112117_162959404108436_2098914822_nCommunications Officer

Specializing in Anthropology (Science); Majoring in Criminology

My name is Isidora Ibrahimpasic and I will be one of the communication officers for the UTMAS this year. I am currently taking a fifth year at UTM to further pursue my undergraduate specialist in biological anthropology. I have also majored in criminology. In my free time i like to paint, exercise, and netflix. I am looking forward to meeting new people in the anthropology program.

Roxanne Chui

1464631_10154623316690433_5361990364691598837_nCommunications Officer

Specializing in Forensic Anthropology

Hi I’m Roxanne and I am the other communication officer for UTMAS. I am currently in my fourth year specializing in forensic anthropology so feel free to share your joys (or woes) on the programme with me. A little bit about myself, I am born and raised in a city 12,541 km from Toronto, came to Canada for university, and still learning my ways of the Canadian life. Personally, anthropology is a platform where people get to share experiences or stories and I am also inspired by the variety of stories. Therefore, you ever want to borrow an ear, you know who to find.

Year Representatives of 2016-2017

1st Year Rep: Artist Drejaj


Hello all! My name is Artist Drejaj and I’m the first year representative for the UTM Anthropology Society. I was born in Albania, moved to the United States when I was 2 and spent 13 years there until I moved to Canada in 2012. Other than Anthropology some of my interests and hobbies are soccer, acting, astronomy, fashion and hiking (quite the variety). If you see me on campus and have ANY questions at all….I will direct you to Charan who will answer them for you.

2nd Year Rep: Cyril Tchakoute


Hey my name is Cyril Tchakoute and I’m the 2nd Year Representative. I’m in my final year of university and I’m currently finishing a Specialist in Bio Anthropology. The reason why I want to be a year rep is because I want to increase the Anthropology Department awareness on campus and what it has to offer. By the way, I like Inter Milan, the New York Knicks, and Chicken.

3rd & 4th Year Rep: Sonalika Verma

sonilikaHi my name is Sonalika Verma and I am the 3rd/4th year representative for this academic year. I am an anthropology specialist with a forensic minor and currently completing my 4th year. As you can tell by my picture, I love my car, Nancy. I’ve been recently been obsessing over game of thrones and I love mango ice cream. Yes, I am a big time food enthusiast. I also love to read and my role models are Eminem and Kalpana Chawla. Looking forward to having an awesome year.

3rd & 4th Year Rep: Akshita Yadav


Hi, my name is Akshita and I am a 3rd/4th year representative. I am in my 4th year, completing a Bio for Health Sciences major, Anthropology minor and Chemistry minor. It’s my first time on the UTMAS team and I am excited to see what the year holds for us! When I was younger, I lived in Kenya and that instilled a lifelong passion for wildlife, which then led to a keen interest in Anthro. My favourite animal is the Great White Shark! My daily hobbies include playing video games, napping, and procrastinating. Feel free to discuss any and all things with me (I don’t bite!) and I look forward to meeting all you lovely Anthropology students!


Executive Council 2015-2016



From left to right: Tracey Wilson (President), Charan Sandhu (3rd/4th Year Representative), Roxanne Chui (2nd Year Representative), Anna Julia (Event Coordinator), Tooba Shakeel (Secretary/Treasurer), Synthia Satkunarajah (Communications Coordinator), Joy Chen (Communications Coordinator/Vice President), Marissa Burliuk (Senior Advisor)
Missing: Kristen Castell (1st Year Representative)
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