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Upcoming Events 3/3: UTMAS Student Conference

Calling all researchers and students! UTMAS will be hosting an Anthropology Conference open to anthropology students (both graduate and undergraduate) across all campuses!

This event is held so that those who completed an independent study, internship or work study position can present their experience and research to their fellow students. UTMAS is proud to announce that we will have students and professors across all four disciplines of Anthropology presenting at our conference, with a special talk from Jubal Jamieson, a First Nations Archaeology Monitor!

Presently, we are looking for students who may be interested in presenting their research papers and posters at the conference. This is an excellent opportunity to practice making oral presentations, and receive constructive feedback before your official presentations at the end of the term as well as share your enthusiasm for anthropology with others!

Please email anthropology@utmsu.ca with a one-page abstract (around 300 words) and a brief outline of what you wish to talk about by Friday March 10,2017. Presentations are expected to around 5-10 minutes.

Also feel free to email us with any questions or concerns.


Upcoming Events 2/3: 2017/18 UTMAS Elections

Are you interested to be more involved on campus? Make a difference? Boost your resume? Or just simply looking to share your love of anthropology with others of your kind?

Why not apply for our executive council positions?

Positions Available:

President (1)*
Senior Adviser (1)*
Vice-President (1)
Secretary/Treasurer (1)
Communications (2)
Events Coordinator (1)
Senior Representative (3)
* must have been in UTMAS for one year

**All nominees must attend the All-candidate Meeting on March 13 (Monday) to go over campaigning rules.**

How to be nominated: submit a short blurb about yourself and why the position is for you (attach a picture of yourself) to: anthropology@utmsu.ca. In the nomination, please include your name, program & year of program, the position you are running for, and your interest in the said position.
Elections will be held between March 20-24st. Results will be announced on March 27. 


Upcoming Events 1/3: Field School Symposium

Thinking about apply to field school programs?

UTMAS is hosting a field school symposium on Tuesday (March 7).
Professors, TAs, and students will talk about the Field Schools in UTM (both Forensic and Archaeological). They will speak on the research and application process, and students who have attended field schools will share their experience!

Date: March 7, 2017 (Tuesday)
Time: 4pm – 6pm
Location: IB280, UTM

Come prepared with questions you may want answered! Refreshments will be included!


Coming-up Event: Movie Night


This year UTMAS is having an Indiana Jones Movie Marathon night. BUT this isn’t just your ordinary movie night. As you know we are anthropology society, and because we are such nerds, we will be asking the audience what the movie portrayed incorrectly in archaeology. NOT ONLY THAT, we encourage you to dress up so you might get a chance to win the BEST DRESSED AWARD!

Where there are movies, there is food. UTMAS will be ordering pizza. SO RSVP now! The more people who RSVP, the more pizza there will be. Bring your friends, classmates, or even your family!

Date: Feb 3, 2017 (Friday)
Time: 5pm – 12:30am
Room: Instructional Building 350

Embracing 2017

Trivial Question: Did you know that UTMAS was established in 2007? That makes the society 10 years old!

To celebrate our 10th year anniversary, UTMAS will be publishing a newsletter by January. The newsletter will consist of statement from our president, interview, and word puzzles.

Stay tune for our upcoming events for the winter 2017 semester, including:

  • Facilitated Study Groups for ANT101, ANT203, and ANT205 (new)
  • Indian Jones Movie Night
  • Field School Symposium
  • Valentine’s Day Sell
  • UTMAS Annual Conference
  • and more….

Meet the Assistant Professor candidates the week of Nov. 14

The Department of Anthropology invites the UTM community to meet Dr. Mark Grabowski, Dr. Lauren Schroeder, and  Dr. David Samson from Nov. 14, 16 & 23, 2016. Not only will the each candidates be giving a mock lecture on evolutionary anthropology, with relevant specialties such as paleoanthropology, primatology with an evolutionary focus, human physiology and adaptation, and related topics, including behavioural aspects of human evolution. The mock course lecture will be followed by job talks as well as lunches at UTM. The event is welcome to all, especially Anthropology undergraduates, graduates, and faculty members!

Check out the first lecture by Dr. Grabowski:



How to Succeed 101

UTMAS is proud to present the first of our Skills Workshop series: Research!

Pam King, the research librarian for Anthropology and Forensic Science, has kindly agreed to come and speak to us about how to search our UofT databases to find what we need for research papers and projects!

All students, regardless of department, are welcome to come to this workshop! The goal of this workshop is to provide students with the basics required for research, in preparation for graduate studies.

Do not miss out on this opportunity!!

Again, all UTMAS events are positive spaces inclusive of everyone.


No upcoming events

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